mr. wilds’ class

  1. 1)Students are to adhere to the code of conduct established by the school.  These are located in the student agenda and can be found at the JRHS website by clicking here.  Additionally, plagiarism on homework or term papers can be subject to a grade of ‘0’ on the assignment.  To learn more about plagiarism, and how to avoid it, feel free to consult this online resource:

  2. 2)Students are expected to have all the necessary materials as listed in the course outline, along with any additional materials that may be required from time to time (this includes textbooks or class novels that may be distributed throughout the year).  Damage or loss of JRHS property will result in the student paying for it to be replaced.

  3. 3)Students who are anticipating being absent due to their sport for more than two days are required to meet with their teachers and complete a Sport Absence Form at least one week in advance.  The form can be acquired by speaking directly with Mr. J.F. Quirion (Sports-Etudes coordinator) as soon as you know about your upcoming absence.  Meanwhile, students will need to inform their teacher and get their form filled outside of class time (i.e. before S-Block classes, at recess, during lunch hour or PED support).

  4. 4)After missing a class, students will need to consult a peer (ideally, another student from the class who is both responsible and who was also not absent) to gather any notes / info / homework assigned.  Handouts can be collected by downloading them from the section of this website that is designated for their course (please complete assignments prior to attending the next class, whenever possible, to avoid falling behind / requiring to attend PED. support to catch up to the group).

  5. 5)Students who are struggling in the course, along with those who are falling behind academically (not completing homework assignments / not working effectively during class time, etc...) may be required by the teacher to attend PED. support to maintain successful standing in the course.  At least a 24-hour notice will be provided to allow students to contact their coaches / inform them about the situation and to make the proper arrangements.

  6. 6) Missed tests and quizzes can be made up during PED. support.  The PED. support schedule can be consulted by clicking here. Mr. Wilds offers ped. support on Days 1, 3 and 5 in the afternoons and on Day 2 in the AM.

  7. 7)Test / quiz results will be printed on a monthly basis.  Marks will be displayed in chart form that also displays how the student performed compared to their peers.  This will be required to be signed, along with any major projects for the course (instructions will be provided for everything, in either print form in as discussed in class, along with rubrics for how grades are allotted).

  8. 8)PED. support is meant to be an opportunity for students to ask questions of their teacher, to meet with other students to work on group projects, to complete missed quizzes or tests.  Students who are disrespectful of others who are working or who have to be reminded repeatedly use this time effectively may be asked to find another classroom or to move to another location as to not disrupt the work of others.  It will be left to the discretion of the teacher if the student can enter in subsequent blocks.

Looking forward to a successful 2014-2015 school year!

                                                                                        Mr. Wilds


Class Expectations

Brief Overview of site

  1. 1)From homepage, find grade level, group number and appropriate subject.

  2. 2)In every academic group, you will find info about evaluation info, term weightings, homework dates and files, upcoming tests / quizzes, along with important links.

  3. 3)See below for class expectations.